Every shirt starts with the fabric.

We believe, to make something great, you must start with the right materials. Our expansive fabric collections were created to ensure you have the right materials to make a shirt that is truly your own. 


The freedom to have your own style is one of the foundations of Proper and Key. Our extensive list of custom options allows you to maintain that style with every shirt you create. 

The Proper and Key Collections

The three collections at Proper and Key have been specifically designed to try to offer custom shirting to anyone, regardless of their requirements or preferences.

blue thread

Fabrics Orgin: Asia & France

Priced: $89.99 - $99.99

The Blue Thread collection has some of the best prices in the market for quality custom shirting. It offers a broad assortment of quality fabrics and most of the custom options available in our other collections. The shirts are manufactured in Tunisia and are checked for quality and accuracy when the shirt is completed as well as just before we ship it out to you.

green thread

Fabrics Orgin: Italy, Turkey, France, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, & Asia

Priced: $129.99 - $159.99

The Green Thread collection is our largest collection of fabrics and includes every customization option we offer. It truly offers something for everyone. This diverse fabric offering has been hand selected to have something for every occasion, no matter your style preference. The shirts are manufactured in France and go through multiple quality checks before they are sent to you.

gold thread

Fabrics Orgin: Italy, Turkey, & England

Priced: $199.99 - $249.99

The Gold Thread collection is our highest level of quality. It includes a wide range of high quality fabrics from some of the best mills in the world as well as every custom option we have to offer. Made in France, each shirt is created by a single master shirt maker from start to finish. The shirts go through multiple reviews to ensure quality and accuracy before sending them out to you.